In its essence the act of creation is an act of love (Piero Ferrucci)


Jan van der Laan (1960) is a Dutch  sculptor, educated  by Mark Rietmeijer, a well known Dutch sculptor. Together with his partner he runs Daguz: a practice for awareness, personal growth and creative development.


“My sculptures are about the quest for pure form. In every sculpture I pursue the connection with the essence of beauty. For me, beauty is a gateway to the sacred, the state of formlessness, which shines through every form”.




“Jan van der Laan is without doubt the most talented sculptor I have met during the last twenty years in my sculpture classes. Jan van der Laan’s art is a unique synthesis between natural, organic forms and geometric abstraction. In his sculptures I recognize my own quest for pure form. I am a great fan of his work and in each of his sculptures I see the desire for the almost unattainable ideal, and that is the creation of beauty in its most pure form”.

Mark Rietmeijer, sculptor

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