‘The only journey worth travelling leads to oneself, in search of the true voice of the heart’ – Susanne Tamaro

Sculpting in stone is a unique journey where you also meet yourself. Jan van der Laan organizes sculpture retreats which enable this discovery. In the stone and in yourself. We alternate working in stone with moments of reflection in which inspiration and sharing of personal experiences are central.

Experience is not needed. We work “en taille direct”, with no plan or design, aiming for intuitive creation. In a constant ‘dialogue’ with the stone, you will learn to create a shape from rough material. In this process your own creativity is paramount. You will get a chance to learn more about different sculpturing techniques, materials and principles of shape. We work with easy-to-chip stones like limestone (mergel), soapstone and alabaster. The workshops are held in Dutch at Centrum Athanor in the Netherlands, and on request abroad. Click her for photo’s of the previous retreats.

Retreats and workshops 2019

July 27 -28  

Sculpture summer retreat
August 8 -11 

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