“Very nice, a warm atmosphere, a nice group and nice accompaniment. Very good, a warm atmosphere, a nice group and great guidance.
I experienced again that I should follow my instinct, which can lead to beautiful things as long as I keep going with it and persevere.”


“It was a very pleasant and well-organized retreat. I helped me become more aware of certain things about myself. I really enjoyed sculpting ”.


“Very valuable, especially thanks to the combination of physical activity and creative appeal. Additionally, you work with your emotions, thoughts and motivation”.


“I experienced the retreat as very positive. It has given me more clarity about my own possibilities and further understanding”.


“My overall rating for the retreat is an A. Besides sculpture, I found meditation, visualization, and labyrinth so beautifully mixed with each other. It was a great fit, in my opinion. It gave something extra to the retreat. I’m glad I signed up for Jan and Nynke’s retreat. The accommodation: a great place, neat and tidy, meals were great, good sleeping and a clean bathroom. I give it an A”.


“The retreat” The Way of the sculptor as a metaphor for your life ‘ was a special experience for me under Jan’s guidance. Pleasant, relaxed, insightful, instructive. Inspiring. Clearly more than a 3-day sculpture program. That was thanks to the extensive program directly and indirectly linked to sculpting. Equality between very different people, each doing his/ her own thing and there was respect for each individual.  A meaningful experience”.



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